CHS Auditorium Facade Renovation made possible by our Community pARTnerS!


Community pARTnerS 

The strength of our Performing Arts program is largely due to the invaluable partnerships we have with individuals, families, and businesses throughout our community.  They believe in the importance of providing high quality Performing Arts opportunities because they know first-hand the difference these experiences make in young people’s lives.  Thank you to our community partners for their continued support and generosity to the Performing Arts.  Your financial and in-kind gifts greatly enhance our ability to fulfill our purpose. Thank you!

Many students graduate CHS with a lifelong appreciation for the arts and are forever changed because of their involvement in our program. Many use life skills they learn on our stages to propel them to success in higher education, diverse career paths, and outstanding citizens of our community. However, the legacy of our program is much more than just notable accomplishments.  It is a journey of discovery and learning to be the best you can be through taking risks, discipline, and hard work.  It is a legacy of acceptance and belonging; a shared experience that binds together those on and off the stage, past and present, into a unique and welcoming family.  It is a vision for the future and knowing that our best days are yet ahead! 


Your Generosity Changes Lives!


Interested in giving to the Performing Arts?

There are a number of opportunities for you to give to specific projects, scholarships, or programs. All gifts are tax deductible.

Please contact Amy Hansen for more information at: ahansen@oregoncs.org.

Thank you!

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