Our Priorities


FAMILY:  We strive to mentor each other and instill commitment, dedication, and a passion for individual and collective artistic excellence. Together, we work hard for hours on end, growing very close.  We laugh, we cry, we serve, we give to others.  We experience incredible moments of beauty, enjoyment, and inspiration.  Together, we become family. 

COMMUNITY: We strive to experience and understand the Performing Arts as essential to the culture and quality of life in our community and on a grander scale, our humanity. Our emotions and feelings set us apart from all other living creatures and we have a unique ability to communicate their meaning and significance.  This process surpasses the limitation of words and finds its expression in what we call art.  We create art to enrich and bring value to our community.

TRADITION: We strive to honor the traditions of our Performing Arts program and the contributions of those that came before us.  They have given us a rich legacy of innovation, excellence, and a passion to always do better.  It’s in our DNA as artists and educators to improve and reach for what is yet to be attained. While instructional methods and performance opportunities may change, we commit to celebrate the heritage of our traditions. 

RIGOR: We strive for excellence by infusing rigor, discipline, aesthetics, and accountability into the artistic process.  Students are sequentially challenged to apply fundamental knowledge and skills toward accomplishing more abstract and complex performance objectives.  In doing so, students learn to independently critique the performance of themselves and others, with intellectual and artistic rigor. 

RELEVANCE: We strive to equip students with performance skills and experiences relevant to (1) their stage of artistic development, (2) the competitive, collegiate audition/acceptance process, and (3) professional musical, theatrical, and dance opportunities.  We seek to consistently model the necessary attitudes, habits, and artistic characteristics for career readiness and ongoing performance relevance.

RELATIONSHIPS: We strive to create vibrant, authentic relationships among teachers, students, parents, and community members.  The Performing Arts teacher-student relationship is much like a master craftsman and apprentice.  It requires transparency, honesty, trust, and vulnerability.  It is the foundation on which all artistic growth is built upon.  Likewise, the strength of the Performing Arts program is largely dependent upon the support and involvement of those with a vested interest in the artistic development of each student.   The success of our program begins and ends with relationships.

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