Musical Theatre Career Tech Program

  • Develop Your Acting, Singing, and Dance Skills

  • Grow As A Musician and Performer

  • Explore the Performing Arts Profession

  • Experience Amazing Performance Opportunities

  • Get College and Audition Ready

Program Overview

The Musical Theatre CT (Career-Tech) Program is designed to train students in the art of theatre (practice, history, and literature), performance skills (acting, singing, dancing), musical concepts (music theory), and professional practices and leadership. Admittance into the program requires completion of the Musical Theatre Foundations course and an entrance audition. Throughout the program, students are expected to maintain a high level of commitment to personal development and growth. Through a wide variety of learning experiences and performance opportunities, students are prepared for further study at the college level or entrance into the profession.

For enrollment information contact program director, Thom Sneed, at tsneed@oregoncs.org



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Program Scope

Art of Theatre
Improvisation, monologues, and scene study provide the foundation for exploring connections between dance, music, and theatre. 

Performance Skills
Vocal skills and musical expression are developed through individual and ensemble repertoire and performance.  

Musical Concepts
Performers learn to read and write the language of music and understand its concepts and functions.  

Professional Practices and Leadership
Project-based learning experiences enable students to develop insight into the performing arts profession, best career development practices, and leadership skills.

Performance experience in choral ensembles, audition showcases, and full-scale theatrical productions prepare students for their future academic and career paths.

Course Offerings
Musical Theatre Foundations
Musical Theatre I - Artistry of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Musical Theatre II – Production Concepts
Musical Theatre III – Capstone




Performing Arts Careers

Actor – Dancer – Singer – Director

Casting Agent - Producer – Company Manager

Stage Manager – Technicians - Costumer

Choreographer – Makeup Artist

Master Electrician - Lighting Designer

Marketing - Theatre Company Staff

Educator - Vocal Coach

And many others!


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