Alumni Reflections

Participation in the Performing Arts shapes lives!

We celebrate the success of our alumni in their continuing education, career fields, and contributions to communities near and far. Since 1930, CHS graduates have been making a difference in the world and the Oregon City Schools Performing Arts have played a vital role in shaping the lives of countless individuals. Thank you alumni for your continued support and interest in the performing arts!


 Bianca Freck (‘95)
Owner/Operator Freck Funeral Home
“The innumerable lessons I learned through being active in the performing arts at CHS opened up lifelong possibilities. The collaborative learning environment motivated me to be community oriented in my professional life. I continue to draw from the ability to observe, interpret and use critical thinking to solve problems, skills I learned through the performing arts. I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have without my performing arts experience at Clay High School.”


Marty Limmer (‘79)
Retired, Lucas County Board of Elections
“Being responsible for lighting the plays, musicals, concerts and assemblies while I was a student at Clay helped me to understand the importance of teamwork, meeting deadlines and dealing with new challenges.  I developed a love for the theater and to this day continue to work with local groups. I especially enjoy working with groups where I can add lighting to a show that helps add to the overall presentation. My director in high school would always challenge me on how to make the lighting better and I try to still apply that principle today.”


Shawn Mlynek (‘05)
Professional Opera Singer
The performing arts opportunities afforded to me during my time at CHS were instrumental (pun intended) to my success as a performer.  I was able to train my musical abilities, as well as my stage skills and dancing.  Without this valuable training and performance opportunities, I do not think I would have been nearly as ready for a college level training program.  Clay is very lucky to have these opportunities, and I hope that the school and district continue to offer funding to these programs to train the next generation of performers.”


Madeline Sneed (‘16)
Stage Management Major, Kent State University
“The performing arts opportunities I had in High School played a huge role in my career path. From my experience as a Stage Manager in High School it pushed me to pursue a career in the theatre world and further my education at Kent State. I had incredible opportunities that gave me the glimpse into the industry and can only imagine what a program like this could have contributed to my experience. For the production of Beauty and the Beast we had the opportunity to fly actors and that kind of experience was invaluable when making my decision to work in this industry. I learned so much and can not express how valuable my education in the Performing Arts was to my life.”


Natalie Szymanski (‘06)
“Being a part of the Performing Arts throughout my years at CHS has helped me in several different ways for my career.  It gave me confidence to speak in front of large groups, it helped me engage others through creative thinking and it helped me to learn how to work in large groups with many different personalities.  I consider these skill an essential part of why I was able to climb the career ladder as far as I have.  Not only has being part of the Performing Arts helped my career, but it gave me a way to relax and de-stress when away from the pressures of my daily job.  I have also realized as a newer mom that the skills I learned through Music and Art has helped me to interact with my child better, and communicate better since she is just getting to the age of learning words.  I also can’t say enough about the importance of the community the Performing Arts creates and the lasting friendships made throughout the years.”